Use and Email



The Stated purpose of the document is to establish a “Spam/UCE Policy” set forth by “theMarketPlace1”. The following directives define the rules and restrictions governing Unsolicited Commercial Email. TheMarketPlace1 maintains a “zero tolerance” policy regarding SPAM/UCA. All employees shall not engage or use theMarketplace1 resources for any SPAM/UCE activity. Anyone caught therefore engaging in such activity their access to the terminals shall be terminated.


Policy Agreement:

  1. Definitions

TheMarketPlace1 defines the following terms:

  1. Spam/Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE):
      1. Spam: is defined as unsolicited email sent to recipients who have neither requested such information or whom have not established a pre-existing business relationship. This term also encompass UCE and the aforementioned may be used interchangeably.


  2. Commercial Email: is defined as an email that a recipient or recipients have received. In the case of legitimate, the recipient has requested and given permission to receive and illegitimate is defined as an email that has not been request nor has the individual given requested.
  3. Intentional Spam/UCE: is defined as mail that is sent electronically from a computer in which the owner of said computer knowingly and willfully engages in direct sending of SPAM/UCE from one or more of accounts on theMarketPlace1 servers and/or computers. For stated purposes and reiteration of facts, such actions demands an immediate suspension of privileges and access to company resources. Such violation will constitute and result in criminal or civil prosecution under the law.
  4. Unintentional Spam/UCE: is defined as using a computer or other electronically device to send emails that a user intends or willingly knows that such sending of email constitutes Spam/UCE. This also includes such cases as virus infections and zombie initiatives. Therefore, all that participate in unintentional spamming/UCE shall have accounts suspended now and in the future. However, suspension shall not result in criminal or civil prosecution. TheMarketPlace1 will attempt to work with the individual that has put forth the infractions to bring about a resolution.