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Our Goals                                                                                                                               themarketplace1

TheMarkeplace1 is committed to being the online supplier of webinars that focus on current events that effect average Americans. We offer an educational forum in the form of webinars that discuss and give insight to political, social, and economic events. This is commentary that you will not receive on your daily news broadcast.

Just like a traditional market, themarketplace1 offers a buffet of topics that will be discussed. We will soon have a weekly forum that that will be in full swing by years’ end. TheMarketplace1 offers individuals and small businesses access to knowledge to help with making the difficult decisions, of everyday business and personal affairs, easy.

We have aligned our business interest with individuals that are committed to serving and educating the community.

On a lighter note, we spend countless hours researching and finding the best opportunities for our opportunities. Our mission is to expand this site by constantly reforming our site to include the latest technology.

Our Story

TheMarketpPlace1 is the brainchild of Gary Crenshaw. He believed that in order for our country to be great, we must help small businesses and the individual grow.

TheMarketPlace1  was built on the simple idea that knowledge is the key to the future. As an owner and lover of knowledge, I also wanted to create a site that addresses individuals in the most important aspect of life, which is business and individual development. I will contribute articles that are intriguing and interesting.

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